Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Nat Councillor = Slum Landlord

SNP councillor Jahangir Hanif is facing court action over a flood-hit flat.

Stewart Daniels has launched a legal fight against to claw back thousands of pounds he has spent repairing water damage to his home. The 61-year-old lives below a property rented out by the councillor for South Side Central, who is a campaigner against rogue landlords and poor housing.

The retired engineer says his problems with the landlord started about a year ago.

He said: "I came home one day to find water pouring through the ceiling. It turned out there was a problem with the overflow in the toilet cistern.

"It would have cost a few pounds to replace the part. After that there was a problem with the bath. Every time something goes wrong, I've been given the runaround. I'm sick of it."

Mr Daniels said he went to confront whoever was living in the upstairs flat but no one answered the door. He added: "You expect someone in public office to do work for the good of the people but all he seems to be doing is benefiting himself."

A spokesman for the council's environmental health department confirmed they had inspected the flat for water damage. Mr Hanif, who lives in a luxury home in Deaconsbank, owns other properties in the city including two in Mr Daniels' block.

He has been summoned to appear at Glasgow Sheriff Court in August over the claim.
Just two weeks ago Mr Hanif pledged to take action against rogue landlords at a public meeting on poor housing in Govanhill. He is currently on holiday in Dubai.

Last week it was reported Mr Hanif makes £500 a month renting a flat out to a family of five Romanian Big Issue sellers in a close residents claim is littered with drugs equipment, graffiti and rubbish.

The flat in Westmoreland Street, Govanhill, is nicknamed ground zero' by residents because of the poor state of the area.

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